Family owned and operated

Mama Mimi's was founded in 2000 by Jeff and Jodi Aufdencamp. The two of them worked side by side in the stores for years until in 2009 Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer and later passed away in 2012. Since then, Jeff has remained the CEO and head of all business operations and his son, Kohl has been working in the stores with him. Mama Mimi's is a small business that supports the Columbus community. Being locally owned and operated provides an opportunity to stop in each store on a daily basis instead of sitting behind a desk all day. Jeff is able to be aware of the needs of our customers.


Take n' Bake Lifestyle

At Mama Mimi's we do not cook any of the pizza. Everything is Take N' Bake and made to order so we can assure you are getting the highest quality possible. Being Take N' Bake we strive to bring families back to the table. As a child, some of your fondest memories are at the dinner table with family and friends enjoying meals. We provide an easy option to create more memories like this by providing a quick and easy way to cook at home at your convenience. Mama Mimi's makes meals matter.


Gluten Free

Mama Mimi's is one of the few Pizza shops that carry gluten-free pizza. We partnered with Soodles Bake Shop around 5 years ago to offer a gluten-free alternative for people with Celiac disease or are just on a gluten-free diet. Every week we order crust from the bakery to avoid cross-contamination. In addition to that, our staff has separate containers and ladles to do our absolute best at making sure that we have absolutely no gluten on your pie.


Vegan Friendly

As of June of 2018 Mama Mimi's has started carrying dairy free cheese. We want everyone to be able to enjoy pizza even if you are dairy-free or live a vegan lifestyle. Our cheese comes from Daiya cheese company that is based out of Canada and specializes in deliciously dairy free alternatives. Our white crust is made with all dairy free ingredients as well or you could pair it with our gluten-free crust. Even if dairy isn't in our diet Mama's got you covered!

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Mama Mimi’s is now offering cauliflower crust. We want to give a healthy alternative to customers who want low calorie pizza crust but fresh cut & gourmet toppings to go along with it!